How Do I Create Blog Content?

Q: I have a vacation rental business. I hear a blog would help my website. I don’t know where to start when it comes to writing for my blog. How do I create blog content?

Identify Your Target Audience

What type of guest do you want to clone? Be concise. What guest type is best for your property? Solo travelers, couples, families, military, or corporate folks? Are your units ideal for honeymoons, reunions, parties, or quiet retreats? Do rates and amenities appeal to budget or luxury travelers? What type of guest do you make the happiest? Hikers, birdwatchers, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts? When you read your 5-star reviews do you see patterns in guest profile?

Develop a Collection of Topics

This is the beginning of your editorial calendar. Start with a list of topics. You can prioritize topics later.

  1. Write down frequently asked questions your target audience asks, each FAQ can be converted into a blog post.
  2. What do you tell your target audience to persuade longer stays, more frequent visits, or off-season bookings?
  3. What do you wish your target audience knew about your vacation rentals and destination?
  4. Write queries you think your target audience types in Google when searching for a place to stay in your area. Examples might include “Cabins with hot tubs near (insert destination name here)” or “Oceanview, hot tub, dog-friendly”
  5. Do you have a collection of guest stories you have permission to share? Any inspirational, sentimental, or funny stories?
  6. Does your target audience face any reoccurring problems during visits? Could you write content to help them avoid those common problems?
  7. Do weekends book fast but weekdays fill slow? Write content to achieve your goals. Be sure to write helpful valuable content.
  8. Do you have favorite places in your destination you share with guests they later rave about?
  9. Do you have new packages or promotions?

Sample Blog Content

In these examples, I use a fictional destination called Mountain Town to create sample blog topics.

  1. 5 Reasons You Want to Stay Mid-Week This Spring at Mountain Town
  2. 3 Things You Absolutely Want to Pack for Your Winter Trip to Mountain Town
  3. 4 Places You Must See During Your Next Vacation at Mountain Town Vacation Rentals.
  4. 3 Romantic Sunset Hikes to Take During Your Next Stay at Mountain Town
  5. Should You Bring Your Dog with You on Your Mountain Town Vacation?
  6. 7 Tips to Help You Organize the Best Summer Vacation at Mountain Town
  7. COVID Guidelines at Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  8. 12 Secrets About Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  9. These 2 Packages Will Help You Save Big on Your Next Mountain Town Vacation
  10. How COVID Impacts Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  11. How a Government Shutdown Impacts Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  12. The Honeymoon of Your Dreams at Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  13. 5 Useful Tips from Past Guests at Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  14. Why Yoga Enthusiasts Love Staying at Mountain Town Vacation Rentals
  15. 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Mountain Town Vacations

You don’t need to create an entire year’s worth of blog content at once. The samples I provided on a biweekly schedule would provide more than 6 months of content ideas!

If you’re too busy to write content consider hiring a professional copywriter. Read this article for tips before you reach out to copywriters for quotes.

Feel overwhelmed and want help? Hire me to create a list of topics, and/or generate all the content.